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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi Everyone,Thanks for visiting my home page. Please bear with me as this is my first time doing this. And if you can give me any help it would be appreciated. Sorry if it seems dull but give me time and hopefully I can work more on this.
Thanks for visiting.
More to come later, I hope!!!!!
Eventually I will have all my Spads listed in the photo pages. But its time consuming and as long as its nice outside, its flying time. And as long as they survive to have there pic taken.
Gotta work on this!
For all you Spadonians, I hope that I can get all my pics here for you to view. I could also use some help on color schemes. But that will come later.

Need more help here??
Ok, if I ever get this straightened out I'll change this.
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Click on my photo pages to view building instructions.
Photo pages 2,3,4 are now ready for viewing.

Ha, I wish I had a plane like this!
Not a spad but hey, cant we dream a little here!
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Thanks for visiting. Dont forget to sign my guest book.!