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A view of the wing before joining the 2 halves together.
I placed a piece of square stock in the wing to join the 2 halves together. It is a piece of 1x 3/4 in stock about 1ft long. It is epoxied in place instead of CA'd

The next images will show wing completed and start of fuse.

I tried to get everything down as a I was building this. Some measurements might seem wrong but everything is coming out fine.

Here is the completed wing.
The wing is done minus the decals. I will throw something on it when plane is just about ready for maiden flight.
I use a router to cut my fuses. Going diagonal makes it easier
The best way I do it is to set the router just above the coro before going completely thru. I use clamps and boards to make a fence for the router to follow.
Inside of fuse before covering with more coro.
I used 1 x 36 square dowel for the framework. The tail is CA'd in place along with the vertical stab.
Side view of front of fuse.
The uppper area where the wing will sit is the same width as the wing.
This measurement matches the width of the wing between the ailerons.
The wing area has formers and braces inside for strength.
This is just checking how things are fitting as Im building.
This image just gives me an idea of what I will do next. The yellow tail is not the one I will use.
This is a closeup of how the tail is on the fuse.
The fuse is cut so the spar will rest inside. There are formers in here also.
Another view of the tail
I actually ended up using a red tail with a white vertical stab.
I cut the tail much the same as a wing before glueing.
Place tail under fuse and then trace where the fuse sides lay on top. Then cut away coro.
Tail is also 2 seperate pieces glued together
I used contact cement for the tail. I have had very good luck with it. I also use it at my job so I know the set times before joining the pieces. If you join too soon then you get a weak joint. If you wait too long then you have to reglue to reactivate it.
Tail measurements.
Here I finally decided on the tail to be red. I will post width measurements on another photo.
A view of the stab with notch for the spar in horizontal tail.
The vertical stab rests completely on the bottom of the fuse.
Fuel tank setting.
This is how I set the tank in place. I will move this photo once I get measurements for the stab and place here.

Photo page 4 in the works. May be under another name.