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On this page there will be a mix of fuse, throttle servo and tail pics.
Im randomly placing in pics as I go along.

This is a view of how I have my throttle setup. Also shows some of the braces and formers.
This is the side view before installation
Here is how I have the notch cut in the stab.
A view of the tail being covered.
I started out with an airfoil tail, however the first flight the plane kept climbing. So I swapped out the tail with a flat one. Here is how I started covering.
A view of the plane towards the front.
Ive got more covering to do but this is just a start. Not sure what more Im going to add but dont want to over do it.

Another view of the plane.

The engine is a US 41, pulls it real nice. I havent tried to hover with it yet. Got to get use to the gasser.