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This is how I start my wings.
First glue 2 sheets overlapping each other. You will need to have 14in on top and bottom.

Then place the spar at 4in in from the leading edge.

Here are the 2 wing panels before joining together.
This wing will be 80 inches long by 16in wide including ailerons and flaps.
Side view before folding wing.
To make a straight wing without the front curling up I clamp a board across before folding wing.
The 2 cuts are where the center is. There will be a 4in wrap here when done.
I actually removed the 2 cuts of coro. I placed a flat board across the le of the wing before folding. This is where the wing bolts will be placed.
This is one side of the flare for wing panel.
You need to make one for each side and glue these in last after wing is folded.
This is one wing half folded and glued.
I waited until the next day to remove the weights and clamps before working on wing. I wanted to make sure the CA was dry.
This is a test fit of the flare.
I wanted to make sure that the flare was same width of the aileron before glueing.
Here is the board I mentioned. It is a piece of 1x2 moulding.
I CA'd this in place. I also removed the 2 center pieces you see above the board.

See page 3 for more building instructions.